The Acer Predator Z-35: The Best Ultrawide Monitor

We bought this Z-35 after having some excellent experiences with the Acer X34 monitor, another ultrawide monitor that is not only curved, but comes with all the bells and whistles too. We were so satisfied with the X34 that we were actually skeptical if this monitor could live up to the same expectations.

That being said, let’s jump into the details.

Aside from the fact that the Z-35 actually has a lower resolution, the overall consensus is that this model actually out-performs the x34 in almost all aspects. Since we are a team of people that are heavily into details and can notice the slightest differences, like the change to 144Hz, the difference is as clear as day to us. Unlike the X34, this monitor has essentially no back-light bleed, and there are no problems when the G-sync is enabled. No dead pixels yet after a couple months of rigorous use, unlike what happened with our X34. Blacks on this screen are actually wonderful when compared to the X34 because of the lack of light bleed. We are also running 980’s in SLI on every machine and the monitor handled all the high FPS programs with ease.

The only con we have about this unit, and this doesn’t really have to do with performance, is that when it arrived it didn’t seem “new”. Right out of the box there were random dings here and there, along with some scuffs. Even the foam that covers and protects the screen seemed to not fit properly, unlike what you are used to seeing when you purchase a top of the line monitor. Again, doesn’t effect performance at all, and it’s possible we just got a unit that had been returned or refurbished.

That being said, the monitor performs just like you would expect from something that costs about $1,000 and out performs the X34 in almost all aspects.