Having to Deal With the Dreaded Carpet Again

There comes a point in time (or many points at many times) when a carpet needs a good cleaning. Sure vacuuming can be great for day-to-day upkeep, but when it comes to the carpet that’s in the office, this thing needs therapy for all it’s been through!

I already know what you’re thinking, “Oh it can’t be that bad.”

Well let’s think about this real fast. Imagine a place where people walk all over melted rubber on asphalt, mixed with some gasoline and oil. You walk around in that all the time, then have to come up into the office where we have carpet and guess what happens? You guessed it – the carpet turns into some sort of roadway with hard sticky material.

So what are our options? We could do the smart thing and just get rid of the carpet. We could also require folks to remove their shoes before entering the office. Maybe we could just hire something like a carpet cleaning alexandria va company every once in a while. Obviously hiring a cleaning company all the time would get costly, but having carpet in the office is supposed to be a bit of a comfort feature which is nice when you’re at the track all the time.

Even if we did end up hunting for a carpet cleaning company, imagine trying to describe over the phone how bad the carpet is. “So, uh, the runways on the carpet are pretty much 1 zig-zagging path of hardened rubber, and all around it is a cloud of gas and oil residue.”

We will probably go with just replacing the carpet once and for all – maybe throw down something easy to clean like linoleum. I’m sure I’ll miss the days when I could kick the shoes off and relax a bit, but on the other hand I won’t have to be hassled by doing a major clean up every month.