Fending for Yourself

You know how some of us live out here. We live within our means, and do what we can to be self-sufficient. Things like growing produce and raising livestock are common in our area of the country. We do have one big advantage over the city dwellers, and that’s average property size. Heck, even a lot of double-wides have more property with them then the average house in the city.

Anyway, the point was to have a discussion about livestock water tanks. For those of you with just a couple small animals don’t need to worry about this as much, but for some of us with larger animals all over the place we need to choose our equipment wisely. Luckily Amazon has come to the rescue because they have the cheapest prices I’ve seen. You can get an 85 gallon tub for about $120 bucks.

And if you shop around a little bit more you can get some with features like a plug at the bottom or even metal ones with zinc coatings.

All I’m trying to say, if you’re still using some shoddy wood, homemade tanks, maybe consider splurging on a new tank at the least.