Easiest Way to Keep Keys Safe at the Track

Typically there aren’t too many cars left at the track at any point in time, but just to be safe we invested in an all new home safe for the office. It’s crazy to see the difference in how different safes are compared to back in the day. While the idea and the shape is still the same concept, the locking mechanisms are way more advanced, and arguably easier to use. Instead of the old school dial you are able to opt for a numpad to type in your combination. On top of that, if you are feeling like splurging a bit, you can get a safe that works by scanning your fingerprint – welcome to the future everyone! Even the hinges are more advanced, and opening the safe is a breeze now instead of being a workout.

When I was doing my research to find a new safe, I simply went to Google and searched for best home safe. To my surprise, I actually learned that online places like Amazon even sell safes and will ship to you. Can you imagine being the USPS delivery person that needs to bring it to your doorstep.