Chris Hanmer’s School of Pastry Design in Las Vegas, NV is Open for Business

What self respecting foodie doesn’t dream about the prospect of learning culinary secrets from a “World Championship Pastry Chef” and “Food Network Challenge” chef?

Dream no more gastronomes, the opportunity to do so is now within your reach!

Celebrity chef and culinary artist Chris Hanmer has recently opened “The School of Pastry Design” in Las Vegas, Nevada and one doesn’t need a professional resume to enroll in a class. This is definitely a little bit different of a thing to do in Vegas, compared to the normal stuff like Crazy Girls in Vegas.

Thanks to the school’s opening, ordinary home cooks can learn such exclusive, award winning modus operandi as “flexible chocolate”; a technique that hammer created during a coveted “Food Network Challenge.”

What follows is a brief description of the school’s partial curriculum and where those interested can garner more information.

Chocolate Classes

“The School of Pastry Design” is currently offering four different chocolate classes that range in price from $400 to $800 per person and six to eight hours in length.

The most expensive chocolate class is an eight hour “Chocolate Lab” that challenges participants to look at working with chocolate in innovative ways. It is a superlative class for beginners as is the $400, six hour “Chocolate Tasting Class.”

There is also a $400, eight hour intermediate class known as “Chocolate Class Series One” where participants will gain and expand upon such rudimentary chocolate techniques as tempering, colorization, storage and the creation of flowers.

The $600, eight hour “Chocolate Class Series Two” is for the more advanced student and ends with the participants creating a three foot tall chocolate sculpture.

Sugar Classes

Presently there are three different sugar classes listed on “The School of Pastry Design’s” curriculum. They range in price from $400 per person up to $1,200 and from six to ten hours in duration.

The most advanced of the trio is the $1,200, ten hour “Sugar Series Three” class wherein participants will learn a variety of techniques such as sugar blowing, casting, pulling and pressing.

Attendees will also be able to work with silicon molds and vinyl tubing to create an authentic sugar sculpture.

The other two classes are more for the beginner and the intermediate students.

Those classes cover sugar boiling, pulling, blowing, storing, colorization and employing basic sculpting techniques such as sugar flowers and sugar ribbons.

Additional Information

Advance reservations are strongly suggested and may be made by contacting the school staff directly either online or by phone.

Would be students should be advised that the school’s curriculum, polices and prices are subject to change without advance notice and therefore should be confirmed with the school’s staff prior to registering.