Choosing Between Modern Leveraxes

If you are from up north then you already know what it’s like having to deal with chopping wood. For those of you that don’t know or have grown up in a generation where you don’t utilize fireplaces and fire pits, allow me to explain a little bit for you.

To the unacquainted, there may only seem like there is one kind of axe, but the truth is, there are many different types of axes and they each have their proper times of use. First you have the splitting maul, which is mainly used for splitting big trunks of wood into more manageable pieces. Then you have a felling axe, which is used when you want to chop down an actual tree and clearing off large branches. The felling axe also has a little brother called the hudson bay axe, which is really just a smaller version that is meant for one-handed use. From there you get even smaller to be considered a carpenter’s axe – the reason for it being so small is for maximum control when doing woodworking. Lastly, and the most specialized, is the broadaxe, which is used mostly for situations when you need to create a flat surface on your wood project.

So if you’re living up north in cold weather, then a new thing called a splitting axe should be your best friend. You can read online for leveraxe splitting axe reviews and find out which you would prefer. The reason why I suggest a splitting axe is because they are specialized for splitting wood, and the way they are shaped and engineered make them safer to use. They have special features that prevent many of the typical ways that people injure themselves with regular axes when trying to split logs.